At Master Brands, we know all about Flame Resistant clothing, and we pride ourselves in educating our clients.  Here are the facts you need to know!

  1. How does Flame Resistant Clothing work?

A piece of clothing that is fire resistant is made of material that when in contact with fire will self extinguish and prevent the worker from suffering injuries. It is used as a safety precaution for people who work in hazardous industries.

  1. You can also call it FRC

Flame Resistant Clothing is also known as FRC. If you are shopping for this type of clothing you will most likely see the “FRC” designation.

  1. Many Workers Use FRC

When you hear of Flame Resistant Clothing you may think that it’s just for firefighters or someone who works in extremely hot environments. The truth is that many hazardous work environments require their workers to wear FRC. Electrical equipment is prone to catching fire as well as the chemicals in a refinery or even when processing paper and paint. You will find many electricians, pharmaceutical and factory employees use this type of clothing.

  1. Where Can I Buy Fire Resistant Clothing?

There are a number of Safety Apparel stores that carry FRC clothing in different price ranges and for different needs. Master Brands specializes in FRC clothing and can give great benefits that most other manufacturers can’t: 24-48 hour shipping, in-house customization including your logo, plus your own company ordering website where you can restock on FRC whenever you need it! Check out our complete FR line here.


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