We have all seen the bright yellow shirts on construction workers and we know how important these high visibility shirts are to companies and employees working in hazardous environments. But have you ever heard of personalized visibility shirts – in any color?

Custom enhanced visibility shirts are ideal for increasing visibility in dangerous and dark workplaces while still promoting your business and services. The construction workers you usually see on the side of the road are known for their bright yellow and orange shirts but Master Brands in Salt Lake City has now started offering something very new and revolutionizing: high visibility shirts in whatever color you prefer.

This feature is brand new and the US based clothing manufacturer is pleased to offer it to their clients. Master Brand’s website allows you to customize your very own high visibility shirts according to your specific needs, something that most safety wear companies do not offer.

Why customize a high visibility shirt?

A unique benefit with personalizing high visibility shirts is that your team will have a much easier time localizing each other in dark and hazardous areas , especially when working alongside other companies. As a business you will also be able to promote your own company and create brand recognition by choosing your company’s colors and market your business to potential clients in a unique way.  You can also add special features according to your staff’s needs, such as long or short sleeves or reflective stripes.

Furthermore, custom high visibility shirts allows you to support causes important to your company, whether it’s standing behind the work of the breast cancer foundation with pink shirts or supporting the fight against addiction with blue shirts, Master Brand’s can help you create truly unique shirts for you and your company. Call us today at (800) 469-4399 to create your custom order. Now you can localize people in your team much easier and promote your own brand with these high visibility work shirts.


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