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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Buy Clothes Made In the USA

You have probably heard people say “buy local” before, but what about clothing? Here are the top 5 reasons why buying USA made clothes is so important.

  1. Shorter Turnaround Time

Many businesses that buy clothes overseas not only have to deal with long ordering processes due to the separate time zones, but also extended waiting times. Many shipments are sent by boat and may take up to 1 month to arrive at a US port. By ordering clothes from a US manufacturer you are guaranteed shorter ordering processes and shipping times. You will also not have to worry about toll fees, which can be pricey.

  1. Higher Quality

A great benefit to ordering US made clothing is the quality assurance. Thanks to US regulations and company policies, you can rest assured that your clothes will be made up to code. If your clothing is not satisfactory for any reason, US based companies are able to offer several opportunities to review the process and make changes.

  1. Less Quantity

When ordering items abroad you are more likely to be required to order very large quantities. Shipping is expensive so overseas manufacturers require larger minimum order sizes in to cover costs. When placing an order through a US manufacturer such as Master Brands you will not experience that problem. Our minimum order is significantly smaller than you would experience with ordering overseas.

  1. Less Storage Space

By ordering smaller quantities your company won’t have to worry about occupying such a large storage space. You also won’t run the risk of being stuck with thousands of products that you’re unable to sell. Buying products from the USA is much safer. Master Brands in Salt Lake City, for example, has the ability to store the items for you and ship them out within 24-48 hours whenever you need to restock. They even have a customized ordering site with your previously ordered items, making it easy to reorder certain items.

  1. More Accurate Sizes

A size “M” (Medium) in the United States is often times not a size “M” in other countries. That’s why ordering clothes overseas can be tricky, and having to return the order to be remade can be expensive.  When you order clothes that are made in the USA you are more likely to get the size you requested and you are also able to be much more involved in the process. Master Brands in Salt Lake City is known for its customer service and ability to customize sizes and measurements according to their clients’ needs.

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