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What’s the Difference Between the Classes of High Visibility Safety Vests?

Posted by Monarch Social on
What’s the Difference Between the Classes of High Visibility Safety Vests?

All safety vests may look similar to the untrained eye, but not only are there different classes of safety vests – the difference between them can be a matter of life and death. Safety vests have unique ratings based on standards for reflection and contrast. These ratings help determine which vest is appropriate for each type of work. Given the potentially hazardous environments of industrial and construction jobs, it pays for all workers to stand out in these industries. Continue reading to learn the differences between the classes of hi viz safety wear.

Class 1 Safety Vests

The first class of safety vests is appropriate for work in areas with slow-moving traffic and less risk of injury. These vests feature a single reflective stripe around each shoulder. While it is not the flashiest vest one could wear, class 1 hi vis safety vests are the minimum safety standards required by OSHA. They are suitable for workers that make deliveries or perform roadside assistance.

Class 2 Safety Vests

As the risk of serious injury increases, the amount of reflective material required for high-visibility vests also increases. With class 2 safety vests, the minimum amount of reflective tape should be 201 square inches, and an additional reflective stripe should wrap around the midsection. With the added security of these features, workers who direct traffic or operate a toll booth should be easily recognizable from a safe distance.

Class 3 Safety Vests

For those who work in the most fast-paced and heavily trafficked environments, it is necessary to wear a class 3 safety vest. Unmissable, even at a great distance, the class 3 safety vest is quite distinctive. It features reflective material on the chest, arms, and legs. Multiple stripes of bright contrasting colors emblazon these protective accessories and provide high-risk workers, such as emergency responders, with an added layer of protection.

Where to Find Quality Quality High Vis Vests

From a densely populated urban environment to deep in the wilderness and everywhere in between, the best quality safety vests are available from Master Brands. Master Brands provides quality and visibility to job sites everywhere. Order your custom hi vis workwear from Master Brands today and get all of your high visibility products from us.

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