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Construction Safety Apparel

Master Brands is your trusted source for ANSI-compliant safety apparel for construction crews. Shop construction safety apparel and clothing!

Your Safety – Our Priority

Construction Safety

Many hazards present themselves in and around a construction site. When heavy machinery is being utilized, there is the risk of being struck or run over. When construction work is done at night, poor visibility can also pose a hazard, especially if workers are near traffic of any kind. 

Construction workers often work in extreme temperatures. Slips, trips, and falls are a constant risk, especially from scaffolding. Moving objects, loud noises, and powerful vibrations from equipment can all be hazardous as well.
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What Kind of Safety Apparel Is Right for Construction?

Having the right safety apparel can make a massive difference in the level of safety that construction workers can enjoy. From hard hats to steel-toed boots and everything in between, employees need to wear the proper construction safety apparel for the job.

High Visibility Apparel

High visibility workwear is an absolute must, given the hazards inherent in construction. Jackets, pants, t-shirts, rain gear, sweatshirts, and vests can all be made hi-vis. 

The fluorescent background makes it easier for motorists and equipment operators to see and locate your workers. Reflective tape helps outline the body, making it easy to pick out whenever light is directed at it.

Protect your workers with the unequaled quality of Master Brands construction safety apparel!

Weather Resistant Workwear

The nature of construction work necessitates that those performing in it spend time outdoors, guaranteeing exposure to various types of weather. Safety apparel needs to be highly resistant to the weather. Footwear designed to reduce the risk of slips and falls at the construction site can be beneficial when conditions become wet and slippery.

Waterproof hi-vis gear can help address the reduced visibility that happens when conditions become wet outside. Clothing that protects against the cold while still meeting hi-vis standards will be necessary as well.

Even the most robust safety apparel is subject to normal wear and tear. Workers and safety managers should regularly and frequently inspect safety apparel used on construction sites to ensure it's still in good condition and ANSI-compliant. If it becomes too worn or damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

Contruction Workwear Regulations and Standards

When it comes to high visibility workwear, OSHA and ANSI have established standards that construction crews must follow. Anyone flagging traffic, working around or in excavation areas, or exposed to struck-by dangers must wear high visibility safety apparel, as must anyone exposed to public road or construction equipment traffic. The background fabric should be fluorescent red, yellow, orange-red, or green with retro-reflective stripes that adhere to ANSI guidelines. State and local ordinances governing hi-vis safety apparel will also need to be adhered to.

ANSI has defined different levels or performance classes for hi-vis clothing. Those in the construction industry are obligated to use Classes 2 and 3 hi-vis clothing. Which class any worker should be using will depend on the task they are expected to perform.

Can We Put the Company's Logo on Our Safety Apparel?

Yes! We can create branded safety clothing by adding your logo to the safety apparel you order. That said, the size and location should still meet ANSI standards. That means that (for example) any logo added to retro-reflective safety material can't create a horizontal gap wider than 2 inches. It's best to add logos to larger safety apparel items and forgo them on smaller ones to maintain compliance with safety standards.

Who Decides What ANSI Class I Need to Buy?

There are four different classes of ANSI safety apparel: 1, 2, 3, and E.Class 1 safety apparel has the lowest minimum standards, while Class 3 safety apparel has the highest minimum standards. Class E covers items that provide additional protection, but don't by themselves meet the standards outlined in the other classes.The class of apparel you should buy is a function of the industry you work in. Public safety uniforms and their corresponding safety apparel are held to a much higher visibility standard than what you would typically expect to see on someone gathering shopping carts from the parking lot. It's usually the responsibility of the safety manager or safety director to carry out a risk assessment to help determine what ANSI class is best suited for the work being done.

If I Buy Cotton ANSI, Will I Still Be Compliant?

Unfortunately, cotton doesn't work well for ANSI compliance.

One of the requirements of ANSI standards is that the background color be one of three fluorescent colors: yellow-green, orange-red, or red. Cotton fibers don't hold fluorescent-colored dyes well. Colors tend to wash out, which means you won't be able to be compliant with ANSI standards with cotton safety apparel.

What Is Aluminized Safety Clothing?

Aluminized safety clothing is specifically designed to handle heat and provide protection against it to the wearer. It's engineered to reflect the majority of thermal radiation and help the wearer maintain a normal body temperature. If you or your workers deal with extreme heat (hundreds or thousands of degrees Fahrenheit) or are at risk of coming into contact with molten splash, you need aluminized safety clothing for protection.

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We've cut out the middleman. Typically, raw materials are sent to a manufacturer where the uniforms are produced then sold to the seller. With our model, we purchase those raw materials directly and manufacturer uniforms made to order. This allows us to cut cost without cutting quality.

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We want you to have full control of your uniform ordering process. That’s why we provide a personal portal for each client, where you and your employees can order company materials and uniforms. 

With In-House Manufacturing & Hybrid Import Model combined with our high-tech Employee Allocation Management software, we've made it easy for customers to order high-quality safety apparel with ease and efficiency.

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