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Uniform Programs

Our Uniform Programs have been designed and developed to help streamline your uniform process every step of the way. 

Choose the programs that fit your businesses specific needs.

Uniform Management Software

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Hybrid Import Model

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INventory & 


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Uniform Management Software


We want you to have full control of your uniform ordering process. That’s why we provide a personal portal for each client, where you and your employees can order company materials and uniforms.

With In-House Manufacturing & Hybrid Import Model combined with our high-tech Employee Uniform Management software, we've made it easy for customers to order high-quality safety apparel with ease and efficiency.

  • Manage Employee Budgets

  • Custom Catalogs Based On Job Description

  • Track Orders

  • Easily Run Incentives

Simplify Your Uniform Process Today


Hybrid Import Model

It’s a streamlined system that cuts cost while also ensuring inventory is always readily available. It also allows customers to get unique or hard-to-fit sizes without any additional cost or time.

How It Works

  • Import Materials

  • Manufacture In-House

  • Store Inventory

  • Shipped Directly

Workwear Inventory & Shipping Made easy

Inventory & Distribution

We’ve perfected the process making us the most efficient, reliable and accountable source for safety apparel & uniforms in the country.

Our Distribution Program covers your business every step of the way so you can focus on more important things. From producing, storing, and shipping, we ensure you're taken care of.


Eliminate the hassle of keeping stock-lists, finding space to store extra uniforms, as well as taking the time to issue those uniforms to employees. We manage all this so you don't have to, free of charge.


Along with managing your inventory, we'll also ensure it's distributed to your employees timely & efficiently when needed. As soon as an order is received, our team puts everything together and ships that order directly to employees within 48 hours.


Corporate BRANDING

If you're loyal to a specific brand, our Corporate Branding program is the perfect solution.

After you've decided on a brand, we use our resources to find that apparel at the lowest price available

Once stocked, our in-house team is fully equipped to make any modifications required to fit your companies specific needs.

Finally we will brand the workwear with your companies name, logo, and any other special requests to truly make it your own.

  • We carry all major safety brands

  • Choose your favorite brand

  • Get it at the lowest cost

  • In-house customization

  • Branded to fit your company

Showcase your Company on your favorite Apparel


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Contact Us today for a custom tailored quote that suits your budget. We're equipped to produce thousands of items per day from our cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City.

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