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How Does Fire Resistant Clothing (FRC) Work?

Posted by Monarch Social on
How Does Fire Resistant Clothing (FRC) Work?

Fire-resistant clothing (often written as FR clothing) is an essential tool for anybody who works in a hazardous job. Work environments that often include oil, gas, or combustion should consider FR work clothes of the highest quality. Without the specially made fabric and professional assembly level, you cannot depend on being protected at a delicate moment. Understanding how fire-resistant clothing works and how a high-quality company manufactures its products is key to ensuring that you have the FR apparel you need.

What is Fire Resistant Clothing?

Fire-resistant clothing and workwear are explicitly created for workers who find themselves regularly in delicate or hazardous environments. Regular clothing will catch fire and burn quite quickly when near a combustion source, especially if it comes in contact with a flammable substance. Fire-resistant clothing has been created and treated to withstand burning. If it comes into contact with flames, it will resist catching fire. Even if it does, the fire will quickly die when removed from the combustion source. It also resists splitting open and exposing the vulnerable human body to fire. Remember that FR gear and clothing are not entirely fireproof and will burn if exposed to high enough temperatures for long enough.

What is Fire Resistant Clothing Made of?

Certain materials in FR clothing are more resistant to heat and fire than others. A few examples are extra-strong compounds like Aramid, coated nylon, or Modacrylic. You might find other fabrics in everyday clothing (like cotton) that can be chemically treated to become flame resistant. Every FR clothing supplier uses versions or combinations of naturally resistant and chemically treated materials. Although they act broadly the same, you may want to research your chosen supplier's methods to make FR apparel.

How Does FRC Resist Combustion?

The compounds in everyday clothing are very vulnerable to ignition because of the threads and fabrics that make them up. Such flammability is not a big deal most of the time, but it can be life-threatening in specific environments and situations. Fire-resistant clothing and FR gear are made to be reasonably comfortable and practical while providing a scientific layer of protection that you otherwise will not find. The material found in FR work clothes has chemicals and compounds that will not ignite as easily when introduced to the same heat sources.


If you want the fire-resistant uniform you deserve, you must find the right FR clothing for sale from the right company. Master Brands is an FR clothing supplier that offers only the highest quality of FR work clothes to workers of many backgrounds. If your line of work requires you to purchase and maintain your own custom FR clothing, Master Brands is the option that will prioritize your life and well-being over quick profits. Investment in Master Brands FR clothing will help protect you when you need it most.

If you are serious about protecting the lives of yourself or your employees, then please visit our website for well-made and safe FR clothing. 

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