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How To Take Care Of Your Hi-Vis Clothing

Posted by Monarch Social on
How To Take Care Of Your Hi-Vis Clothing

When you work in dangerous fields like mining or construction, you must have appropriate safety gear to protect yourself and your team. One of the essential pieces of safety gear is high-visibility clothing. If you have custom hi-vis workwear, you want to make sure that you take care of it appropriately to maintain its high-vis appearance and keep you safe when you are at work.

Follow the Washing Instructions on the Label

If you are ever unsure about taking care of a new piece of hi-viz safety wear, the first step you should take is to read the label. Generally, this will include washing instructions that will help guide you in your attempt to take care of your workwear properly. High-visibility clothing suppliers work to include proper washing instructions on every piece of clothing so that you can maintain them in the best possible way. As pieces age, sometimes the text on the labels can fade, so it is crucial to have a good idea of how to take care of them properly, even if you do not have a tag handy.

Remove Stains Quickly

One of the most challenging parts of protecting high-visibility products is preventing staining. Stains can ruin the high-visibility surface and make it difficult for you to be seen. The more quickly you treat them, the more effective the stain removal. So if you spill or get something on your hi-viz safety wear, you want to address the stain as quickly as possible. When stains are allowed to sit on your high-visibility items, they can prevent the brightness from showing through and make you less visible.

Avoid Harsh Detergents and Bleach

When you want to keep clothing clean and bright, your first thought is often to use bleach or another harsh detergent. This is not good for your high-visibility clothing since it can damage the hi-vis finish. By simply avoiding harsh detergents for your custom hi-vis clothing, you can help to extend their life while still keeping them as clean and bright as possible.

Wash Hi-Viz Clothing Alone or With Soft Fabrics Only

The things you wash with your hi-vis clothing can be equally as crucial as your soap. If you wash your high-visibility items with rough or abrasive fabrics, it can cause severe damage and prevent your clothing items from meeting hi-vis clothing standards. The abrasive texture sometimes can remove the high-visibility layer of your clothing and make it more difficult to see. Try to wash your high-visibility clothing separately or with only soft materials so you can maintain the integrity of your hi-vis products.

Air Dry or Use Your Dryer's Lowest Heat Setting

Heat can also damage some hi-vis safety apparel, so you need to be mindful when drying your high-visibility clothing. Air drying is generally the best option and will let your clothing last much longer. But if you need to use the dryer, using the lowest heat setting can also help extend the life of your hi-vis safety wear. Most dryers even include a tumble setting that does not use heat. If you decide to air dry, it is vital to keep your hi-vis gear out of direct sunlight since that can cause issues with fading.

Don't Wring it Out!

Wringing out items can feel like a quick way to get things dry, but it is potentially damaging to many kinds of fabric. This is especially true with hi-vis products. Wringing out your vests and other items can lead to structural problems with the material, eventually destroying your things. It is better to avoid ringing them out generally to keep them in good condition over the years you use them.


When you purchase high-visibility clothing from a visibility enhanced apparel company, you want to ensure it lasts as long as possible. That means taking the proper care to ensure that it remains as bright and visible as the day you bought it. By taking the time to maintain your flame-resistant hi-vis clothing properly, you can keep your safety wear in excellent condition to continue offering you protection and visibility every time you are at work.

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