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What Are High Visibility Safety Standards?

Posted by Taylor Gowland on
What Are High Visibility Safety Standards?

If you work or own a business in a dangerous field, you probably know that there are safety standards you need to be following. Some of those safety standards are for high visibility, which decreases accidents by helping workers see each other. Understanding the ins and outs of high visibility safety standards can help you comply with regulations and ensure that everyone on your team is as safe as possible.

Government Standards

The government's standards are the most important ones you need to know regarding high visibility. The government regulates things like hi-vis colors to ensure that people working on a given site are easily visible, even from afar. Wearing high vis colors can help to keep employees safe whether they are working on a construction site or doing road work. Colors like yellow and orange are great options since they are difficult to ignore.

It's essential to ensure that all of your employees have access to high-visibility clothing options. Sometimes it can be more challenging to find hi-vis women's workwear; however, there are options available on the market. Options like vests make it easier to accommodate a variety of employees of different sizes and genders while ensuring everyone is safe on the job.

Government regulations regarding custom hi-vis workwear are designed to keep people safe. These rules can also protect you from liability if you are following them as closely as possible. Obeying regulations will help you avoid hefty fines and keep your team intact so they can continue gaining expertise in a safe environment.

ANSI Standards

You should also be aware of ANSI standards. ANSI is an acronym for the American National Standard, which is a set of rules and regulations to increase workplace safety. This document is frequently updated to include current best practices. Stay up to date with ANSI regulations to ensure your employees have the safety equipment they need to do their job with as much protection as possible.

Depending on the type of work and where it is happening, different levels of high-visibility clothing are required. Requirements can range from a vest to a full coverall that totally encloses the body in high visibility materials. No matter the situation, all your employees need to have the appropriate level of visibility clothing to ensure their safety while on the job. By providing every employee access to high visibility safety apparel, you can better ensure their safety, which is a big plus for everyone on your team. Remember to occasionally check the ANSI standards to learn of changes in regulations and update high visibility clothing for employees as needed. 

Providing your team with high visibility clothing is essential to their safety. You can also use the opportunity to increase your branding with branded high-vis clothing and equipment. These branded hi-vis items will keep your team secure and provide some advertising along the way.

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