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FR Guide

Tough Tech FR Garment User Information Guide

1. Pre-User Information

This Tough Tech User Information Guide gives required information regarding the use, care, and maintenance of your Tough Tech flame-resistant (FR) clothing. Upon receipt and continued service and inspection of your Tough Tech FR clothing. Read this User Information Guide and refer to it for continued care, maintenance, and safe use of your Tough Tech FR clothing. These instructions warn you of potential severe injury or death risks and reduce those risks. Following these instructions incorrectly may result in severe injury or death. Your responsibility is to familiarize yourself with this User Information Guide and use your garments to its instructions.

a. Safety Considerations

Your Tough Tech FR garment is intended to provide limited protection to you in a short duration of thermal exposure ("flash fire") resulting from igniting a hydrocarbon atmosphere or one containing combustibles. It will provide limited protection to you in an electrical arc flash.

b. Limitations of Use

This Tough Tech FR garment will not protect against extended exposure to direct flame or high heat. Tough Tech FR garments are not intended to be used in firefighting or other emergency operations. These garments will not protect you from radiation exposure, biological agents, or hazardous materials.

This Tough Tech FR garment alone will not protect you from all hazards. You or your employer must conduct a threat and risk assessment to determine the suitability of this garment for its intended purpose. Other garments or personal protective equipment may be necessary to provide you complete protection required for your working environment.

This Tough Tech FR garment will not protect you if it is not correctly maintained. Do not use this garment if it is soiled, contaminated, or damaged. Clean this garment by the instruction provided in this guide. Don't hesitate to get in touch with your Tough Tech customer service representative if you have any questions regarding the condition of your FR garment.

It will help if you are trained in recognizing hazards in your specific trade and understand the limitations of use for this garment before wearing it. Even when used as directed, this garment will not protect you from burn injury under all conditions of use or exposure to hazards. Failure to understand the use limitations for this garment may result in a severe injury or death.

c. Marking Recommendations and Restrictions

The use of non-flame or non-heat-resistant emblems (e.g., patches, embroidery, silkscreens, heat transfers, etc.) may compromise your Tough Tech FR garment in a flash fire. Electric arc exposure should be avoided if possible. If used, they must be no larger than an average credit card.

Any marking of your Tough Tech FR garment should be on the interior side of the garment. An industrial laundry marker can be used for hand-written markings. Do not mark on or through Certification on the garment.

d. Warranty Information

Master Brands stands behind the quality of our FR garments. A limited lifetime warranty from purchase covers Tough Tech FR apparel. If a Tough Tech FR product fails due to a material or manufacturing defect, Tough Tech will repair, replace, or refund the garment. Tough Tech will use reasonable discretion to determine the validity of warranty claims. This warranty does not cover Tough Tech FR products damaged due to misuse, accident, modification, improper care, negligence, or normal wear and tear.

2. Preparation for Use

a. Sizing/Adjustment

Choose a Tough Tech FR garment size that correctly fits your body. It shouldn't be too tight or loose, shouldn't restrict your movements, and should be comfortable.

When selecting a Tough Tech FR garment, refer to the sizing charts at the end of the User Guide to ensure you choose the size that correctly matches your body dimensions.

b. Recommended Storage Practices

After each cleaning, your Tough Tech FR garment should be stored to protect it from prolonged direct sunlight, heat, and excessive moisture. Doing so may cause permanent damage that can compromise the integrity of your garment.

3. Inspection Frequency and Details

Tough Tech FR garments should be inspected for damage/defects when received, before and after being used, cleaned, and at least once a month if out of service and storage.

Conduct visual inspection as follows:

  • Inspect garment for damage of materials or components, paying close attention to the wear of fabric and stitching in areas of high wear such as knees, crotch, seat, cuffs, elbows, shoulders, etc.
  • Inspect all significant seams, such as inseams, outseams, seat, shoulder, sleeve, shirt side seams, etc., for damage.
  • Inspect all components such as buttons, snaps, shanks, zippers, buckles, hook & loop, etc., for any damage.

Garments with any indicated damage listed above or other noted defects must be retired from use or repaired/replaced.

4. Donning and Doffing Procedures

To ensure maximal protection as intended by design:

When donning (putting on) Tough Tech FR garments, any adjustments must be made to ensure a correct fit, and all buttons, zippers, and fasteners must be secured when worn. Any fit adjustments must be fully extended to facilitate removal when doffing (taking off) Tough Tech FR garments. All buttons, zippers, and fasteners must be unfastened to prevent damage.

5. Proper Use Consistent with NFPA 2113

NFPA 2113 specifies selection, care, use, and maintenance requirements for garments compliant with NFPA 2112: Standard on Flame-Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Flash Fire. Consult the NFPA 2113 to ensure that the selection and use of your Tough Tech FR garment are consistent with the applicable requirements.

6. Maintenance and Cleaning

Proper care, maintenance, and cleaning are critical to ensuring optimal performance, protection, and life expectancy of your Tough Tech FR garment.

a. Cleaning Instructions and Precautions

To ensure optimal protection, clean your Tough Tech FR garment after each use to remove dirt, abrasives, and contaminants that may compromise the garment's protective properties. Clean your Tough Tech FR garment according to the care instructions provided.

Failure to follow the care instructions may damage the garment and loss of its flame-resistant properties, invalidate all expressed or implied warranties, and increases the risk of injury.

b. Maintenance Criteria and Methods of Repair Where Applicable

You may need to perform maintenance or repairs to your Tough Tech FR garment as time goes on to ensure the garment is fully functional and continues to provide optimal protection as intended. As unauthorized repairs made to your Tough Tech FR garments may invalidate all expressed or implied warranties and increase your risk of injury to hazardous or life-threatening conditions, Tough Tech recommends contacting your Tough Tech customer service representative to discuss maintenance and repair or replacement options.

7. Retirement and Disposal Criteria

Damaged or defective tough tech FR garments that cannot be adequately repaired should be discarded. Other factors to consider that may lead to the retirement of your Tough Tech FR garment are:

  • Excessive exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet rays
  • General use where fabric integrity becomes compromised
  • Exposure to improper care procedures
  • Exposure to hazardous materials

Tough Tech FR garments that have been retired from service should be disposed of in a manner that prevents their reuse. FR garments suspected to be contaminated must be disposed of in a manner consistent with local, state, and federal laws governing the disposal of the suspected contaminants.

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