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Fire-Resistant Grades

Posted by Taylor Gowland on
Fire-Resistant Grades

Fire-resistant clothing is essential for jobs across many different industries. But not all fire-resistant materials are created equally. Various fire-resistant fabric and clothing grades can be used in different situations depending on the heat and safety needs. Understanding these grades can help you to keep your team safe. When working with oil and gas, having a high-level fire resistance clothing is even more critical.

OSHA 1910.132

Many of the grades for FR fabric are based on OSHA regulations, so it is essential to understand what OSHA has to say about the topic. OSHA 1910.132 includes the general requirements for fire-resistant workwear in applicable spaces. The workwear needs to be supplied and maintained to continue to work appropriately. In some cases, employees will own their fire safety apparel, and in that case, the employer needs to keep track of it to ensure that it is appropriate for their risk level. Choosing standard flame-resistant clothing for your team can make this easier for you and your employees.

OSHA 1910.119

In addition to the previous standard, OSHA also has an additional standard related to fire-resistant fabric for clothing. OSHA 1910.119 standard is related to the care you take to prevent problems that might result in a dangerous event. It would be best if you took care of flammable equipment and supplies appropriately to minimize the risk of an accident. Additionally, it is the employer's responsibility to maintain a safe worksite and to ensure that everyone is adequately trained and provided with proper fire-resistant apparel to keep them safe.

NFPA 2113

The national fire protection agency also wants to do what it can to keep people safe from fire in the workplace. The NFPA 2113 is a set of regulations designed to explain how to protect employees from fire dangers in the workplace. This includes the types of fire-resistant garments they wear and how they care for those items. This standard aims to protect people from unnecessary harm through appropriate PPE.

Fire Resistant Ratings

You can start thinking about the various ratings when you thoroughly understand the regulations surrounding oilfield FR clothing requirements and other fire-resistant items. Different ratings of FR apparel are appropriate for different situations and temperatures. It is vital that your employees' clothing and equipment are suitable for their work.

Class 125

The class 125 rating essential is for clothing that will be exposed to an overall temperature of 125 for over two hours. These are the least protective class of FR garments and should only be used in situations that do not surpass the threshold of 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Class 150

Class 150 rating is one step above the 125 rating. It is made to be protective in higher temperatures up to 150 degrees. Staying in this range with this FRC apparel and material will help your team stay safe while completing their work.

Class 350

Finally, the class 250 rating has a much higher ability to resist heat and is used explicitly for paper and similar products. And, with this kind of protection, your paperwork can be safe in up to 350 degrees of heat.

Your job is to ensure that your employees access the correct safety equipment. This will help keep work moving and protect you from liability if anything goes wrong. The more you understand the importance of FRC work clothes, the easier it will be for you to keep your team safe.

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