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High Visibility Clothing Ratings

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High Visibility Clothing Ratings

High visibility clothing is an essential safety tool for you and your team when working in construction or mining. Well-rated, high-visibility clothing ensures that everyone can see the others working around them and prevent accidents. 

Before you invest in high-visibility clothing, you have to know the ratings and options for the safety of your crew.

ANSI/ISEA 107-2020

The primary resource you should use to determine appropriate visibility ratings for your clothing is the ANSI/ISEA. ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute and ISEA, the International Safety Equipment Association. Both organizations have strict standards for High Visibility Safety Apparel. 

ANSI/ISEA standards are designed to ensure safety in working environments across industries. This standard considers the type of work being done and the likelihood of visibility being reduced by dirt or grime. 

ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 requires that safety apparel and single-use coveralls follow specific color, material, and reflective property regulations. High-visibility accessories, like gloves and headwear, are also recommended. By following the ANSI/ISEA standard, you can ensure your team is safe and decrease your liability.

Hi-Viz Apparel Types

There are many kinds of hi-viz workwear, and what you choose will depend on your team's work. The three types of workwear are off-road (O), roadway (R), and public safety (P). Each class describes a kind of work and is designed to protect those work situations. 

O workwear is designed to increase visibility for workers exposed to off-road hazards. These hazards include moving work vehicles that are not working directly on highways or other roads—like warehouse or mine workers. 

Roadway (R) apparel provides visibility for workers working on roads during the day or night. Roadway workers include airport ground crew members or cross guards. 

Public safety (P) apparel is designed to increase visibility for emergency personnel, including police officers and firefighters.


The ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 standard is further divided into classes of workwear ranging from Performance Class 1-3 and Supplemental Class E. 

Class 1 is the minimum standard (off-road environments) and could include a regular outfit with reflective trousers. 

Class 2 is the intermediate standard made for environments that require increased visibility. Class 2 clothing could consist of hi-viz trousers with a reflective vest. 

Class 3 apparel is designed for various backgrounds and movements and, therefore, is characterized by increased high-visibility materials. An example of Class 3 workwear is a full-body, long-sleeve trouser suit with several thick reflective tape bands.

It would be best to use the appropriate class standard for the work situation. Furthermore, while you can use additional visibility equipment, this equipment is not sufficient on its own.


To comply with ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 standards, you must have appropriate markings on all high-visibility materials. These include the manufacturer's logo, the designation of type and size, the ANSI standard number, and the flame resistance statement. 

These markings need to be visible and easy to read. Furthermore, clothing must be marked with essential information concerning fitting, misuse, storage, washing, and limitations. These markings (as well as a single-use warning label) are also required on single-use, disposable apparel.

When your team has the safety gear they need, you can focus on getting the job done right. Remaining compliant with the ANSI/ISEA standards protects everyone on the job site—including you. Get your custom high visibility apparel today!

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