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What Type of Fabric Is Used in Fire Resistant Clothing?

Posted by Monarch Social on

How Does Fire Resistant Clothing (FRC) Work?

Posted by Monarch Social on
Fire-resistant clothing (often written as FR clothing) is an essential tool for anybody who works in a hazardous job. Work environments that often include oil, gas, or combustion should consider FR work clothes of the highest quality. Without the specially made fabric and professional assembly level, you cannot depend on being protected at a delicate moment. Understanding how fire-resistant clothing works and how a high-quality company manufactures its products is key to ensuring that you have the FR apparel you need.

How To Take Care Of Your Hi-Vis Clothing

Posted by Monarch Social on
When you work in dangerous fields like mining or construction, you must have appropriate safety gear to protect yourself and your team. One of the essential pieces of safety gear is high-visibility clothing. If you have custom hi-vis workwear, you want to make sure that you take care of it appropriately to maintain its high-vis appearance and keep you safe when you are at work.